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Records Until Death

Dance 5

by Opiate Eyes

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Music by:
Drew Bond
Tom Essex
Thomas King
Roland David
Dan Ryan
Caleb Mahoney
Daisy Miller
Jason Busch

Art by:
Corey Kolb


released April 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Opiate Eyes Jacksonville, Florida

Opiate Eyes released their first record in March of 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. They are a DIY 4 piece.

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Track Name: Dance 5
I believe that "I believe" can stoke the fires that give life to grief
you've got ideas, bugs burrowing, but you can clear the fear if you please
try with me once, it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Dance 5

The bugs I can't comprehend
a blank slate for you my friend
try with me once more, it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Dance 5

Why should merit be inherent to a tradition?
because it's gotten underneath your skin?
exterminate, exterminate
tabula rasa, bossa nova, dance until you forget
because nothing could be more legit
than acting like an animal
Track Name: Cavity
pumping sweets out
into the hole
Track Name: You Are Something
Your look is current
to the nines and casting stares
throwing knives in the air
makes you feel like you're something
like you embody the best
and in your eyes you see a big mess
you'd like to have it cleaned up
but you'll have another round and talk about how
you are something

you're down on east bay street again
like you've got somewhere to be
you heard about the new spot opening up
you're hoping you can make it home
you couldn't look me in the eye
until you asked me for a ride
there was a drive, you opened up
you said you can't help missing out
you said you are something

yes, you've been tagged
now you'll remember
everyone will see the fun that you've had

you're in a real tight spot
wasting it and wasting them
is that all you've got to do?
is that what you've got?

I think you are something