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Records Until Death


by Opiate Eyes

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released June 18, 2011

Music by:
Drew Bond
Tom Essex
Dan Ryan
Leo Kulishevskiy

Art by:
Corey Kolb
Tom Essex



all rights reserved


Opiate Eyes Jacksonville, Florida

Opiate Eyes released their first record in March of 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. They are a DIY 4 piece.

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Track Name: i'm a cat
i’m a cat put in a pillow case spun around you’ve gone too far now you can’t win me back with treats untrusting human touch i hide under the bed until i think you’re gone you’re scaring me now stop coming around here
Track Name: running with dark circles
we’re going to roll the dice embrace every vice on a whim the right thing’s in the ground buried under lust it’s a sin we’re going to run with dark circles tonight we’re going to disregard who this might upset for the thrill it’s going to be a blast never going to last we don’t care we’re going to wake up and feel again oh no
Track Name: there is no song
there’s no song to make you want me it’s pathetic to even write them but i like music so i’ll arrange some and fantasize about you and me and me
Track Name: hand in hand and face to face
it’s a lonely kind of day come and coax me out to play you’ve got a room inside my head you are writhing in the bed hand in hand and face to face you lit me up last night how quickly flips the light switch you’re a different person now i wish that i could wish you both well i can’t see you otherwise
Track Name: you don't want to know him
there’s a man he’s to blame he’s trying to make a change you don’t want to know him his ego takes the reigns he welcomes all the pain picking flowers for his past stunted man he wants it back drinks a whiskey smokes a clove primes the pump to loathe ugly in and out filling you with doubt could you ever love someone who isn’t fun to be around
Track Name: how much i care
you are powerful in command my dog whimpers no longer in this fight i will show you how much i am throwing a fit invisible from the tallest building calling your name before i will show you how much i care when you hear about it i hope it breaks you