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Records Until Death


by Opiate Eyes

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Written, rehearsed, and recorded in Jacksonville, Florida

Recorded live in Murray Hill in June 2015

Vocals recorded in Murray Hill, Riverside, and Mandarin between June and September 2015

Mixed and mastered in Lake Worth, Florida between June and November 2015


released November 12, 2015

All songs by Opiate Eyes
Lyrics by Drew Bond, except "Whale Belly" by Tom Essex

Engineered by Brian Squillace
Additional vocal engineering by Roland David

Mixed and mastered by Dan Ryan and Tom Essex

Opiate Eyes is
Drew Bond - Guitar and voice
Roland David - Guitar
Tom Essex - Bass
Thomas King - Drums

Additional vocals on "Golden Thoughts" by Roland David

Album art by Roland David and Drew Bond

Thank you Brian Squillace, Dan Ryan, friends, family, and listeners



all rights reserved


Opiate Eyes Jacksonville, Florida

Opiate Eyes released their first record in March of 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. They are a DIY 4 piece.

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Track Name: Golden Thoughts
Every second that goes by
Brings me closer to the nothing
So I'm pinching time in my fingers
And squeezing out the juices

Get with me, I'm looking into you
I see the sweet inside
Forgive me, you know what is within
The shells can only try

To communicate
All the hopes and all the horrors
Turn these gray thoughts of self
Into golden thoughts of others

Grab the air, wring out the drink of life
Pour a glass for two
I'm in this, and this is true

Golden thoughts
Show the way
Track Name: Good Dogs
Follow me out to the Carolina woods
In the snow at the dawn of the day
Questions in mind, thought of the bind
Staining white earth with the blood of Tokay
I want to get straight or twisted complete
I'm closing my mouth so the forest can speak
Circle around, good dogs are friends
After this death, we'll do it again

In the nighttime
Hidden away
Under moon and stars
Sleep beside me
In mountain air
And we'll know a joy

I'm in a time, I'm in a place
Isn't it dismal, isn't it gray
Never they mind, good dogs are friends
And after this death
We'll go again
Walking as the leaves fall on
Track Name: Bones Will Age
I often feel like I don't feel anything
But I can't say that without upsetting you
So I spend my days trying to join the human race
But I'm a fly on the wall

Truths are for those who can't face the void
I think the world is cold, that's what I believe
Bones will age and molecules will come apart
Just take me as I am

I'm not hurting anybody
Because I don't feel
Maybe you feel too much
There's no reason to compare us
We're all bipedal
And the sun is burning out

Don't try to change me
I'm not trying to change you
I'm just as helpless as the world
Track Name: Whale Belly
In the belly of the whale
At the bottom of the sea
Would you find me
Stuck in this nightmare of my dreams

It's a nightmare it seems
As I stare into the abyss
Of darkness, yes

I feel myself
Trying hard to awake
But I'm falling too fast
The ship has sank
I'm far down
Track Name: Passion City
Talk to me digitally
It's not what seems
There's hidden fees
Living with you in the small print
Little to do in the small print

I miss you sincerely
I don't want to hide
behind the screen
Playing it safe is a pastime
I have no faith in this pastime

I'm a rocket, I'm the sky
I'm burning up and you know why
It's the passion of the skin
Shed the fear, walk away
And join me for another day
Or the passion's gone to waste

Remember that
Track Name: Mr. Day
Let him in
Mr. Day, Mr. Sun
It's time for the move
Grab the shoes
Grab the purse
The day's a drink
We've got to nurse
Slow burn it all

All the days in daydreams
Are Saturdays
Walking along with you

By the river in the tree
I lay my head in your lap
Peace, you are my friend

You're a dear
You're a babe
A rarity
What can I do for you?
Track Name: The Hobbyists
Waking up to the truth
It's crude and it gleams
I want to be of the club
That knows it can set you free
Once I put my faith in you
Can you believe
There's the vision, there's the dream
What if you took the leap

If only you could meet my eyes
If you had the desire
We could know the dirty way
We could go out in a blaze

Hobbyists, I can't blame you
There's a trip in everyone
That's tried and true
Would you cry if I hit the road
On my own, it's done right
So I'm told

Is it honest, what you're doing
Are you listening to your heartbeat
Do you answer any wild calls
Or are you stalling within these walls
Track Name: The Wake
Was a single speck of dust
In a gray bedroom light
In the gleam of your eye
It caught fire

It just takes time
The wake