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The Glimmers

by Opiate Eyes

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The first recorded effort from Opiate Eyes. Originally released on March 16, 2010, here's The Glimmers 6 years later, as remixed by Dan Ryan.


released March 16, 2016

Guitars and bass and voice - Drew Bond
Drums - Caleb Mahoney
Additional bass by Tom Essex
Additional guitars by Roland David
Additional vocals by Daisy Miller
Engineered by Tom Essex
Initial mix by Tom Essex
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Ryan

Recorded in a storage garage somewhere in Jacksonville

All songs written by Drew Bond and Caleb Mahoney in the Death Box at Jacksonville Beach



all rights reserved


Opiate Eyes Jacksonville, Florida

Opiate Eyes released their first record in March of 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. They are a DIY 4 piece.

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Track Name: Dustin Graves
Body language telling stories. Seen this one before, it’s getting boring. The gait of the purposeless. Sunken shoulders, sunken eyes, sings an anthem of ‘No Surprises.’ The gaze of the purposeless. Remember when we played in the grave? There was something I wanted to say: Go on, leave me here, shovel on the dirt, and utter your remembrances. Dig me up, let me try that again…
Track Name: House Full of Sighs
This house full of sighs, exhaled in perfect time, clinging to the ceiling, little ghosts waiting to be inhaled again. That sound makes me cringe. Don’t do it again. It’s getting crowded with what should’ve been. More time. I can’t breathe. They’re cluttering. Take your chin off your palm, exorcise this house of sighs.
Track Name: Melted
“Listen to me. You look ghostly, so disappointing, nodding off at the dinner table. Take it from me, you’re a nuisance with a noose end as an accessory to your wardrobe. When the lights are out, you come crawling from beneath the bed. I believe that you’ll be crushed in seconds flat if you don’t find a way to take a human form.” “Listen to me. I’m on my back, I’ve been flipped over, and no one’s been around to set me straight. Take it from me, I’m aware of my existence, my only wish is to not have to be. When the lights are out, I start fires and melt midnight meals, I believe in the sweet relief of a silent world where no one speaks about demands or decency.” (Something about redemption) (I hear, but cannot listen).
Track Name: Shot
There’s a vulture, and it means to take what’s left of me. I could put it down if I truly felt the need, but what I truly need is another night like this. It twists its face. I see it when I close my eyes. You and me, we’ll be inseparable, because I can count on you to be with me for a long time…
Track Name: Wendy
Wendy, don’t go. I’m going to get sane. I know you’re terrified. Don’t go! Go, go! There’s always the chance. The universe might collapse (and it will). OnemoretimeIswearWendyGowhileyou’vegotthechance.
Track Name: When You Know
When you know, you know, and all that’s left is the action. Oh no, there you go. You did not decide to be beyond your years. You may find it difficult to fill a niche and assuage your fears. There you go: Advising us to find comfort in solitude. Falling from a ledge through the blank stare of the rest.
Track Name: Blockheaded
I was done driving to the edge. I thought the gap was closing in. I was wrong. I stuck my head out for the breeze. My head got cut off. Stupid me! To the edge. Here I go. Business. Don’t talk otherwise. Whiskey and bloody fists, I’m coming.
Track Name: January
Calalini. 24 hours. Thousands of friends. Folks and animals. Plenty going on in between your world and mine. “Don’t you want them gone?” “Only the bad ones,” but it’s out of my hands, and into the pharmacy. Hope for breathing. Hope for rays of light.
Track Name: The Glimmers I & II
Underneath the concrete. You don’t feel. Nothing trickling down. But the Toppers aren’t monsters, because they worked for it. WIND. UNTWIST. TIRE. EXPIRE. WORK FOR IT. I feel like waking from a dream…
Track Name: Godspeed You Home
You never gave me an in all i ever wanted You knew it You used it You’re brilliant they are afraid of You but i never was if You want something try not to push it away i wanted to touch You You could have felt god in the palm of my hand the tips of my fingers i wanted to be cast out with You we could have destroyed the world and rebuilt it i hope he finds You and your darkest places and i will miss You until i die i die