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Records Until Death


by Opiate Eyes

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released March 22, 2012

Music by:
Drew Bond
Tom Essex
Thomas King
Roland David
Dan Ryan
Caleb Mahoney

Art by:
Devin Balara
Tom Essex



all rights reserved


Opiate Eyes Jacksonville, Florida

Opiate Eyes released their first record in March of 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. They are a DIY 4 piece.

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Track Name: On the Road
We're going to take a trip. We'll go out to the West. We gave the East a try. It's time to see the rest. We'll hear the stories told. We'll watch the road unfold. We'll coast the cruise control all the way to Mexico. We'll throw cervezas back, then we'll get back on track. We'll find the Promised Land. Let's go there. We'll watch the girls go by. We'll hear the music flow. This is the beaten path. It's all we really know. We'll find the one true friend. We'll try to reach the end. What are we looking for when we go on the road?
Track Name: Seven Weeks
I'm shortsighted. There aren't too many long hauls beneath my belt I am preoccupied.
She said, "Now, do you want me, or are you comfortable with this routine? There it is."
After seven weeks, I am counting on the questioning. There it is, and there I go. You call me small. I don't have room to argue. I just make fun. I guess there's room to improve. You're one to talk, a boat floating in between two docks. With a gun mounted on, you just spin around firing rounds. There you are. You got me still.
Track Name: The Summer
I'm probably not going to catch the summer flick. I'm not too drawn by outcomes that I can predict. I'm going to shoot the night and chase the day, and wonder, always wonder. The summer is here. You're coming with me. We're coming together. You know that we can. I'm not going to deny how I feel. I'm going to love you with a summer zeal. I'm poured into the sea and there are waves of you when I wonder, always wonder. Lay me down in the sand. Beads of sweat. Take my hand. Could this spot be remote enough for us to come together? The summer is here. What have I done? I'm going to sink into the sun.
Track Name: The Train
I want to know
How will it go?
Do you get involved?
Can I finish the job?
Should we?

It’s like gravity
It’s like insanity
It’s like moon and sun
It’s like super fun

Out in the woods
Out of ideas
No content to stress
And no future
Could we?

It's like falling leaves
It's like panicking
It's like day and night
It's like super tight

There's the train
Passing through the station
On and on it goes
Track Name: The South
I know you’ll be puttin’ it down
If you’ve got a good enough crowd
You like to drop it close to the ground
Now you’re travelin’ with the band
On a country road nobody will know
I don’t have to ask if you want to pull over

You’re not above anything
You’re down here with me
Let’s get real
Real physical

You’re gettin’ heady
Don’t want your theory
Just want you near me
But lately, I’ve been havin’ this dream
That Manhattan’s just a quick walk away
I’ve never had a home in my life

I’m gettin’ fat on the beer
I’m chokin’ on the smoke
I’m talkin’ to your girl
I’m in a tailspin
Oh, yes, I’ve gone south
I’ve got the drama to prove
But there’s a good time somewhere
It might be on the move
Track Name: The Fall
I’m on your bed with my guitar
You’re in the kitchen, chiming in
The breeze moves soft curtains
A Southern, October pleasantry
For you, and me

You bring the plates to the bed
I give you praises sincere
I could have given more, baby

Sunset in the park
The remaining rays come through the trees
The chill of Fall is on
A Southern, October pleasantry
For you, and me

You left your coat in the car
I give the warmth of my arms
I could have given more, baby
Track Name: Ghost One
She is here
in this room.
She's staring at you.
You're captured by her.
All that she has
put you through...
If she doesn't want you,
then let me have you.

She's standing here over my shoulder.
You're reaching out for her.
You're calling my name.
How hard is it to stifle what you really want to say?
I'm disappearing into you,
you're disappearing under me.
I'm wasting all this on you,
you take it and waste it on her.

All of these specters
taking these lives.
Take these lives.
Track Name: Get On
The dining room set,
the Victrola from an estate sale,
the spindle backed chairs
in front of the window where you
You sit gazing
at the winter's first hard freeze.

Get on.

The room that is tied
together is tying you up.
The thermostat's low,
and this is the chill of an eerie saving
on bills, and of memories.

There was a life you saw on TV.
The music went well with everything.
It had a tidy resolution.
How did it go?
Track Name: The Winter
Let me in your house.
The shadows on the wall
dance in candle light.
You are hypnotized.
I could walk away,
and never say a word.
You are just the same,
a winter all your own.
But if you want the warmth,
I could start a fire.
Ashes in the sky
fade into the gray.
There's a plane between us,
covered in a frost.
Following the footprints.
Are we found or lost?

I know all about the despair of a connection.
Relax, open up, let us have right now.
Now we're tied up, tell me are you with me?
It's cold inside, but maybe we don't mind.
Track Name: Foster
trying to stop foster from digging
trying to take the beast out of me
out of my mind
is me

open up the fence and let him run
i want to live the life i'm meant to
let the boy run
he's wild

trying to stop the dog from digging the yard
trying to take the beast out of the man
open up the fence and let the boy run
chasing down the wild until he wants to come home
i want to give him the live he deserves
chasing down the rabbits and tending the herd
nothing more tragic than a dream deferred
take the leash off, i can't answer to you
because i'm an animal
Track Name: Find Me
i'll be laying low
or i'll be exposed
people like to run their mouths
it's something that they can't help
heads up

if i do nothing
if i show no interest
you might build desire
you might come for me
should you
choose to
i'll make you
feel good

i've got worlds inside me
discover them if you dare

find me
i love you, now
Track Name: The Spring
i was catching up with an old friend
i was asking him how he'd been
and he said
he's never been further from death

i can shake off the morbid
i can pull my foot from the grave
and feel the sun
and watch the birds, colorful

i know the change is coming soon
i'll be there with the setting sun
colors burst across the florida sky
when i learn to live